Learning about addiction from Industry experts

The treatment of addiction and substance abuse involves the collaborative efforts of various professionals in the health industry. These professionals have diverse backgrounds and they each play an individualized role that helps to bring the addicted individual back to his feet.

Below are industry experts that inform you more about addiction

  • Doctors and Nurses

Typically, if you have any health-related issue, the first set of people that would come across your mind are Doctors and Nurses. These health experts provide medical aid when the addicted individual undergoes detoxification and withdrawal from drug or alcohol abuse.

In addition, Doctors and Nurses prescribe proficient medications that helps to manage the withdrawal or addiction symptoms.

  • Counselors and Therapists

Counselors and therapists have sufficient training when it comes to addiction. These industry experts provide diverse forms of therapy that helps the addicted individual to know and manage the emotional and mental aspects of their addiction problem.

Also, counselors and therapists make opportunities available for the individual to know the psychological triggers that cause substance abuse. And they provide them with strategies and tips that help them deal with those triggers without using those addictive substances.

  • Experiential Therapists

Experiential Therapists are not the regular type of therapists. They are professionals who have completed training programs in a specific field. For instance, we have art therapists who take courses in art and psychology and they study how art positively impacts the brain.

When they are treating someone who is addicted, the art therapists can help them get better with treatment by taking them down the art path. There are also other types of experiential therapists like music therapists and the likes.

  • Nutritionists

Nutritionists are a quintessential aspect of an individual’s recovery from addiction. During rehab, the nutritionists prepare a special diet plan that the recovering individuals have to stick to. The reason for this is, the food often helps them to manage addiction suitably.

There are other industry experts who you can learn about addiction from like the fitness trainers, treatment program directors and the likes.

Best sources to learn about addiction

Addiction is a compulsive brain disorder that makes the individual do certain unhealthy habits. These habits, in the long run, adversely affect the individual. And at that point, when they start seeking help, it becomes challenging for them to break through from the web of addiction.

For quite a number of people who are addicted, it was as a result of ignorance. Taking alcohol for instance, some people started taking it without being aware of the adverse effects. They were only informed about the pleasant short-term effects.

As these individuals progress with alcohol abuse, they discover for themselves, some of the unpleasant long-term effects. However, it is difficult at this stage for them to pullout. So, they try to manage the condition.

Below are some sources that keep people informed about addiction:

  • The Media

The media is one of the sources that informs people about the ills of addiction. There are various forms of media, the print media, advertising media, the television media etc. Everyone has access to at least one of the forms of media mentioned previously.

When the media is judiciously utilized, people are properly informed on how to avoid addiction. And for those who are already addicted, they will be taught on how to seek help for themselves.

  • The Internet

The internet has evolved in various forms and it has helped things get easier and smooth. With the internet, you can easily get access to any information you need for free. It would be quintessential if the internet is used as a tool to spread the news about the ills of addiction.

For instance, health professionals can create YouTube channels or Instagram accounts to educate people on the concept of addiction and how they can seek help.

  • Books and Journals

Books and journals are a great source to learn about addiction. And thanks to the internet, you can get soft copies of these books and journals without leaving the comfort of your home for the library.