Credible Information on Addiction

addiction information sourceEducating the public on addiction is a matter of top priority, considering that part of addiction recovery involves finding understanding, informed support systems. Addicts will have a far easier time defeating their addiction if they do not have to worry about ignorant opinions and harsh stigmas attacking their disorder. Circulating credible information on what addiction is and how to approach the matter are critical to societal mental health and to the well-being of people who struggle with addiction. But knowing where to find credible information on addiction and knowing how to sift through all the non-credible information can be challenging. There are a number of quality sources for addiction information available if you know where to look:

  • Industry professionals on addiction. One reliable source for current information on addiction is from mental health professionals, such as psychologists, addiction counselors and rehab owners. These professionals have years of hands-on experience dealing with serious addiction problems and the psychology of an addict. They have access to the most current studies, theories and recovery material that is available. They are known to publish literature, both online and in print, and give interviews about their experiences, so their wisdom is not difficult to come by.
  • Quality News Sources on Addiction. News articles from reliable news sources provide decent information on addiction and addiction recovery. If you are relying on a news source for your information on addiction, make certain it is from a well-respected news source and an accountable journalist. Verify any cited sources, studies and press releases by familiarizing yourself with the original information source.
  • Scientific Journals on Addiction. A scientific journal, academic publication or university study is a very good source of information on addiction. The information presented in these publications will be the most scientifically documented and gathered information available. These information sources are valuable in understanding the absolute facts of addiction, where as opinions from industry leaders are the best sources of information for understanding valued opinions on the matter.

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