Scientific Journals on Addiction

addiction scientific journalOnline scientific journals are published by academic institutions and other public or private organizations that receive funding for accredited research. Scientific journals that publish pieces on trends in addiction contain valuable insight into critical addiction topics, such as what the chemistry of the human brain looks like when it is engaging in addiction and what the current statistics on addiction recovery are. Someone has to conduct studies in order to gather legitimate information on addiction in an objective way, and a scientific journal is precisely that method.

The studies that lead to scientific conclusions on addiction often make use of a controlled lab setting, a survey, focus groups or testable hypothesis. All variables are accounted for and meticulous research is conducted. The data is interpreted to quantify and qualify some aspect of addiction objectively. Without this type of addiction material, we would be lost in treating and approaching addiction. We would not be able to understand exactly how addiction works. Scientific journals are one of the foremost reliable sources of addiction information on the internet.

A scientific journal is full of information that comes directly from university studies and academic publications, but another source of information that is rich with insight is the opinions of industry leaders. An addiction industry leader may be an addiction therapist or a rehab owner. They are not necessarily affiliated with any academic institution, but the professional time they spend working with addicts makes them experts and scholars in their own right. The information published in journals that comes from interviews with and biographies of these industry professionals is invaluable.

There are many sources of information on addiction available on the internet, and knowing which ones possess accuracy and critical insight can be difficult. In the case of an established online scientific journal, it is highly probable that the information contained within can be trusted.

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