Industry Professionals on Addiction

addiction industry professionalVerifying that the information you find online about addiction is very important to ensuring its credibility. There are a number of unlicensed, unincorporated websites online being managed by people who are merely opinionated on a topic rather than informed on it. This is concerning, considering that addiction is a serious mental health condition that requires sensitivity and awareness in its approach. Before you circulate information about addiction online, it is highly recommended that you verify where the information came from to ensure that an addiction industry professional created it instead of an untrustworthy source.

For example, one excellent source of information on addiction is professional psychologists and counselors who specialize in addiction. These professionals receive a high level of education on and exposure to addiction. They go through intensive studying up to a master’s level or beyond and continue ongoing education throughout their careers. They also have some of the most hands on experience working with addicted people in the industry.

Rehab owners and facilitators are also professionals who work directly with addicts and play a very important role in their addiction recovery. Rehabs in locations all over Canada, including addiction rehab Ontario, alcohol rehabilitation Scarborough and drug rehab Vancouver, offer intensive treatment programs that help addicts change their thought and behavior patterns for the better. They work in tandem with counselors and therapists to help recovering addict’s overcome their condition. Many rehab professionals have a strong background in the mental health industry already, some of whom held professional counseling positions in their lives. There is no other professional who spends quite as much time with addicts as a rehab staff person.¬†alcohol rehab scarborough

And lastly, academics have a variable history of working directly with addicts, but they have access to the widest body of current information on what addiction is and how it should be approached. Again, many professions within the addiction industry may cross over each other so an addiction academic may have experience with counseling or rehabilitation work, but examining addiction from an academic vantage brings a whole new level of perspective to the matter. We need an academic understanding of addiction to reduce bias and create objectivity around the topic.

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